Personal Branding

21 Dec

Whether you know this or not but if you have a profile on a social network your pretty much carrying out some personal branding….. This is because every status you contemplate about writing, every picture you tag yourself in and every picture you untag yourself in is how you want to be portrayed and to be seen as, your creating your own personal image while unaware that this is personal branding for  instance on facebook our profiles pictures are mainly selected pictures we feel comfortable with displaying and the ones we think we look the best in, pictures that we want to be seen for.

Apart from our social networks on line we also are constantly controlling our own personal brands,we have been doing this continously for years. we do this by the way we choose to look whether we decide to wear makeup, how much of it we wear, the close we choose to wear the way we choose to speak the people we choose to be with this is all personal branding even though we are unaware of it it just happens some forced actions with some natural actions.



The Play

21 Dec

So are class has been told we will have to do a performance in second life……………

It has come about that our performance shall be about a poem that Vance had wrote about a bear. We thought about how we would do it if we would have a line each or if Vance would recite the whole thing. It was concluded that we would stream an audio while doing the performance so Vance and Efas’ voices are on the audio reciting Vances’ poem with our classmate Aaron playing ukulele in the background. While they were recording the audio in Efas’ myself and Gar stayed in on the computers trying to promote the play and entering posts into the plays facebook page about where it was being held and time for people to come join. So with everything set we met to perform infront of the lectures and guests and worse than stage fright the audio wouldn’t play :/ So the play has been rescheduled and Keith took over the job of audio this time while most of us just promoted the play inviting avatars on second life. I gave Keith a hand to make sure the audio was streaming correctly and so far so good so nothing left to do now but wait for the show to begin……

The Importance of Etiquette, Convention and Regulations on on-line communities…

21 Dec

The purpose of this post is to describe the importance of having etiquette not only in real life but also on on-line communities my example being second life 🙂

Etiquette is a code of behavior that delineates expectations for social behavior according to contemporary conventionalnorms within a societysocial class, or group.

In our real life societies the importance of etiquette is highly necessary but it is also just as necessary in on-line communities..

In life we are thought the basics on what is considered acceptacble and unacceptable behaviour along with regulations in our everyday lives. as we grow to learn these basics we live a mainly structured hassle free life, but to not follow what we know is right there would more than likely be no structure as the human race we’d behave like lunatics.. something society does not need or want so just like real life on-line communities have to have clear rules and regulations otherwise all hell would let loose on the social networking network because people can hide behind their computers to run a muck and break the rules while getting away with it as they can be annonymous alot of the time. so to say the least it is highly important if not more important for etiquette, convention and regulations to be present on-line

Prosumer to Producer

21 Dec

When I first read the word prosumer i had no idea what it was but as i watched the slideshow we were linked to it made a bit more sense. So in relation to Dr. Alex Bruns slideshow i will discuss the topic of prosumer to producer. Dr. Alex Bruns questions the term ‘produser’ and even asks if the word and meanig produser is acceptable for what we see online in ‘web2’ – which is a web2.0 site which allows us to communicate and interact and collaborate with one another in a social network where we become prosumers.

Social networks are seen as spaces where people are actively publishing content and new ideas which are transformed into products almost. For example Wikipedia, although it has obviously been set up by a producer it is kept alive and running by prosumers on a daily basis, as the prosumers are the ones that fill the site with information. Wikipedia is almost like online dictionary for the public, because it is kept running by prosumers this means that wiki is like a product/service for users to find information on a particular subject.

Before the likes of Wikipedia came about the market containing consumers and producers held a huge difference between the two as the producers would create small amounts of a product and see how well it sold, it then turned into more market research being done to see what it was that the consumers actually wanted to buy by doing market research it was visible to see exactly what the consumers wanted so they could create products in bulk for sale. As for now in this day and age with all the technology we have we have evolved yet again and have created a prosumer where the consumer becomes the producer as they have so much input to the creation of a product…. but obviously we still need actual producers to complete the process of creating the finished product or creation.

As a result of the consumer having so much interaction and say with the producer and production means that the original production process chain has changed from being producer -> seller -> consumer to producer/consumer.

Dr. Bruns’ questions whether there is a limit to the amount of input the consumer has in the production of a product, he also wonders if there will ever be a stage where eventually people will no longer be able to distinguish between the producer and consumer.. My thoughts on this are that i believe there will always be some sort of difference between the two because the prosumer are creating things that not only they want but other people may also want to purchase there for the prosumers are forever producing things to be consumed by consumers and producers will always produce whether or not the prosumer is involved to be consumed…

5 Destinations of Second Life

16 Nov

For this week I have to post about 5 destinations that I have visited in second life..

LONDON CITY Soho and Regent’s Park, London City.

I have been here on two occasions, once after an on-line class myself and fellow class mates travelled here to have a look around and have a chat. The second time I have visited was the other day to familiarise myself with the surroundings again. It seems like a quiet chilled out place surrounded by shops and statues.. The first time I went my friends and I were chilling out on giant donuts having a chat on the open chat bar where everyone can see each others comments, we stayed a while until my friend puff the magic dragon began to get picked on by other avatars so we fled for the hills…….

Dublin – The Blarney Stone Irish Bar, Dublin.

I have visited this place on one occasion with my class and lecture and when class finished a few of us stuck around and hung out for a while the atmosphere in the bar is very cool, people were very friendly and it was a great place to get to know other avatars. It was brought to my attention in the pub that some of the avatars in the area almost acted as if this was real life with their referencing to things like drink in the bar. I over heard one avatar talking about buying rounds of drinks for its friends. I found it a bit funny because it’s not as if it was actual pints that were being bought they could not really drink them so it was all imagination. I wonder if they actually had to pay…..

Myself and Keith dog (a class mate of mine) chilling on the curb across from the Blarney Stone Pub after a few too many 😉

I also visited Stephens Green after my first ever class on second life I walked over and found myself at the gates of the park. Although the graphics aren’t the may west it is clear enough to see what part of town you’re in. I sat in the green for a while where i could hear water from the park and ducks quaking.

On another occasion me and some of my class mates strolled around and found ourselves wandering in the river liffy under water I even seen some Jelly fish and there was some signs down there of what im not sure as my memory isn’t the best 😛

Lastly as I can not remember a place that stuck in my memory enough to write about I am currently in New York City 🙂  I am surround by huge grey sky scrapers and big bill boards I’m going to have a better look around and might post about it later…….

Second Life

16 Nov

Hi my name is Sandra Davoren and I am a second year fine art student in DIT. I have never had a blog before, the only reason I have created this one is because each week I will have to post about my experiences on Second life, hopefully I will become more familiar with blogs and online networks thanks to my optional module in college. I have chosen to partake in Second Life as my optional module in college. I chose Second life because  I was very curious to check it out after hearing it was an on-line class and we would have to be present in an online class room.

My Expectations……

At first when I chose this module I knew nothing about it…. Before I started interacting with second life I expected it to be just one giant game of sims on the internet rather than a social experiment in cyber space. I saw it as more of a game that nerds play on a friday night rather than interacting with people. I could not envisage it as being a social experiment. I am looking forward to getting stuck in to the online community, finding out what it’s all about and learning a lot. I hope to broaden my online social skills and learn about the online world of second life.  I am very new to the world of online communities although I am on Facebook it is very different to second life as on Facebook I only talk and interact with people I know exposing my identity and information to people I know but on second life I expect to be talking to people I do not know and as we all will have avatars no one will know our true identities which makes me a bit wary of who I am talking to as it could be a wolf in sheep’s clothing…..